SOCIAL distancing measures have brought communities closer together across Herefordshire.

Using modern technology, social media and WattsApp community groups have been created to help those who are vulnerable and unable to leave their homes.

The groups have also been used to help mental wellbeing while residents are socially isolating.

Residents of Kenilworth Close, in the Belmont area of Hereford, created at WattsApp group to initially branch out to those in need.

Letters went sent out to households inviting them to join the group.

One of the organisers Chris Barrett said: "We had a great response from everybody and have thought about making it a long-term thing.

"Everybody has chipped in to help, also when people go to the shops they will ask if anybody else needs anything to cut journeys.

"One lady worked in a cafe and had a lot of spare eggs which she gave to others.

"For me it's great to see people giving stuff to others they don't even know like flour, paracetamol and eggs

"People have joined the group who I don't usually see or speak to, so it's great."

Residents then discussed activities they could arrange to help the mental wellbeing while self isolating and to keep children on the housing estate entertained.

Bears have been placed in windows for children to count while they are out for their daily exercise.

Following the success of the idea the group then decided to arrange a daily dancing session at 11am each day.

"We started it on Thursday last week and has been a great success and we even managed to get Micky Mouse out which we didn't know about," added Mr Barrett.

"That was something different and he doesn't do it every day but the young children loved it.

"Nobody had a stereo so I play the music through my car and open up all the doors and blast the music out.

"People request songs for me to play like this morning we had the Fast Food song and it's a good way of getting everybody dancing.

"Another idea was the Step Seven where at 7pm on a Sunday evening people were singing S Club 7 Reach for the Stars.

"It's a way of helping each other and gives people something to look forward to in their daily routine."

Meanwhile, senior citizens of Beechwood Court have got together to have a daily exercise class.

Organised by Annie Price the residents meet outside their flats to exercise each day to music while still social distancing.