SINCE 2003, Mike Pullin and his Hospice Angels have raised over £560,000 for St Michael's Hospice.

And staying home to save lives and protect the NHS isn't stopping Mike, who is determined that the Angels will raise at least £1,000 during the lockdown.

Fundraising ideas so far include:

Online auctions, where people bid on a range of items, including golf clubs and motorcycling memorabilia, and then collect their prizes when it's safe to do so.

Hospice Angel Dave Dutson restored an old BBQ which he sold for £30 and his latest venture is making use of his carpentry skills to make a bird table, for sale after the lockdown.

Angel Rob Edwards is editing a film about the Hospice Angels D-Day Landing trip in 2019, which will be shown at a post coronavirus fundraiser.

Mike said: "It's early days, and we are still coming up with ideas, but I think now more than ever it's vital that we support St Michael's so they can continue to care for families living with a terminal illness."

Everyone at St Michael's would like to thank Mike and his Angels for all their support and fundraising throughout this difficult time.