A KEY worker has told how staff are going home crying due to the treatment they are facing from shoppers.

Home Bargains, in Holmer Road, are one of the city stores that have implemented measure to prevent bulk buying and to help social isolation by only allowing one member from each family into the store at a time.

However, shop worker Laura Tibbs says that staff have been sworn at, called ‘pathetic’ and told they are a ‘waste of space’ by shoppers after being told about the restrictions.

Laura said that today was the worst day she had experienced at the shop in five years.

She said: “Everyone who works in retail at this time is very glad that they can help you through this hard time especially us at Home Bargains.

“But today has reduced me tears and nearly made me walk out of my job. I understand all the measures being put into place in shops at the moment are frustrating with certain items limited and only one member from each household allowed to enter the shops.

“But please remember these are government rules which are currently being reinforced by the police who were at Home Bargains this morning.

“Today I have been called names, shouted out and sworn at because people couldn’t come in with family members.

“I do not have a choice to be in that building, I have to come to work to make sure that we can provide you guys with everything you need in these hard times.

“It isn’t fair on me or any other staff to be verbally abused by anyone because of rules that we did not make.

“Please remember that it isn’t our fault because after today I don’t want to go back to my job. I love my job but I can’t take another day like that and coming home sobbing my heart out, it’s just not fair.”

Laura added that the staff at Home Bargains are proud to be key workers during the coronavirus lockdown but have been upset by members of the public.

“A lot of staff at Home Bargains are so proud to be the ones who can help but many of them over the past week have been so upset going home because of the way they have been treated,” added Laura.

“This is on top of the fears of putting their health at risk, it’s making them really miserable and it’s a shame because we are normally a very happy group.”