With regard to the article in last week’s Hereford Times, “Hereford cabbies unite to fight injustice”, I would like to respond to the council’s spokeswoman who said that the taxi panel is formed of “experts”.

These people might be classed as professionals because they are paid to do their jobs, but it is going too far to claim that they are experts in their field.

Secondly, she has spectacularly missed the point that there is no separation of power, which is crucial for a fair trial.

The officer panel has the right to revoke licences, and drivers are charged £280 to appear before it.

The same licensing officer who gave points to a driver is the chairman of the panel adjudicating over whether he made the right decision in the first place.

That would be the same as the police officer who arrested a suspect presiding as judge in the case against the person they had arrested.

I dare say this spokeswoman considers herself to be an expert in the principles governing natural justice, but she would be wrong in that assumption as well.

The spokeswoman goes on to say that the panel was appointed in accordance with the policy. 

That just proves yet again another glaring mistake with the current policy that needs addressing urgently.

I have contacted the council’s legal department to make them aware of the situation and I would expect them to give legal guidance to the licensing department to prevent further injustice to our trade members.

John Jones
High Town Taxis
Little Birch

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