So is this what it has come to ?

Less than 12 months since the glowing 2019 Herefordshire Council election manifestos hit our doormats, promising firm action on a Hereford bypass (west or east) and a southern link road to sort out the A49 congestion and pollution problems and provide better access for Rotherwas the financial plug has been pulled due to coalition prevarication and over-the-top green pressures, which was the intention all along of those councillors who did not support either a west or east bypass.

Some voters were puzzled by the formation of the True Independents Group so soon after the election, but we had quickly realised that some green and ‘greenish’ councillors were determined to kill off the idea of a bypass altogether.

So we formed a group to be ‘true’ to the original manifesto promises as made by the original bloc of Independents and  others that helped to gain  seats from the previous ruling group.

The current coalition of Herefordshire Independents, It’s Our County and the Green Party have allowed themselves to be diverted into a cul-de-sac and not to proceed because of the inter-group disagreements.

Remember, we were all told ‘Don’t worry. It’s all in hand. Watch this space.

I have much respect for cabinet member Cllr John Harrington, who must be privately frustrated by the coalition antics that have tied his hands.

I criticise the few destructive councillors more in sorrow than anger. Remember what you were elected to do and get on with it... if it is not already too late.

Remember also the fate of so many Westminster MPs who had memory failures and paid the price on December 12, 2019!

Just show some leadership. Please!

Cllr Bernard Hunt
[Newton Farm]
Deputy Leader True Independent Group 

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