STORM Ciara hit Herefordshire on Sunday with high winds and rain battering the county, leaving some homes without power and leaving roads blocked by fallen trees.

Fire crews responded to several incidents, including a leaking propane gas tank which had been knocked over by a fallen tree, firefighters said.

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A crew from Bromyard were called to Burley Gate shortly before 2pm on Sunday, with the remaining gas burnt off.

"Fire crew out this afternoon to deal with a 1400 litre gas tank that had been knocked over by a falling tree due to the high winds," a spokesperson from Bromyard Fire Station said.

"The tank was completely turned onto its side from the impact, the safety valve was knocked off the top of the tank which resulted in the gas leaking.

"The specialist services of a Flo Gas engineer was required to advise on what could be done to make the tank safe, after we uprighted the tank it was then safe for the gas to be burnt off by the engineer."