We moved to Ewyas Harold in 2019, and have been interested in reading letters about the traffic congestion in Hereford.

As newcomers, we don’t go to Hereford to shop or for anything unless we absolutely have to; we shop in Abergavenny.

The reasons are the traffic, and from the amount of shops and businesses closing I guess a lot of people avoid Hereford.

In December we had to go into Hereford and at 2pm we set off and it took 1 hour 45 minutes!

Surely if no bypass is going to be built then the council needs to make decisions to make the problem better.

For a start, all roads leading in should be urban freeways! No parking on any of them so lorries are held up by people parking on both sides of roads. This would also make life easier for emergency vehicles.

Why no out of town park-and-ride? This works well in other towns and cities!

Herefordshire Council’s push for cycling is OK but not always possible.

So wake up before there are more shop closures and job losses!

Jayne and Philip Moring
Ewyas Harold

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