BRINGING rivers to life for 3,000 children over a year is the target of the Wye and Usk Foundation, which aims to conserve, maintain and protect the waterways.

The foundation has just been given a £1,500 donation by law firm Harrison Clark Rickerbys’ charitable foundation.

The donation from the law firm, which has an office in Hereford, will support the work of Colette Mooney, head of education at the charity.

She spends her time visiting primary and secondary schools along the River Usk and the River Wye through Wales and into Herefordshire, teaching pupils about their local rivers and their role in the environment.

Mrs Mooney said: “We want children to understand that where they live is special, that they can experience amazing wildlife and enjoy the wonders of nature that are close to them.

"This donation makes a massive difference. It will help me to get out into more schools so that they see the importance of the river in their own area.”

The sessions include children using digital microscopes to investigate water samples and the creatures they contain.

Mrs Mooney starts sessions by drawing the river on the school playground and children imagine they are salmon fry trying to survive natural and manmade threats as they travel down the river.

"Children love finding out about the salmon, especially making and wearing salmon hats so that they look like salmon, it brings the river to life for them," she added.

Dawn Oliver of the HCR Charitable Foundation said: “The Wye and Usk Foundation is doing great work in highlighting the importance of the rivers wherever they flow.

"I’m delighted that we can support their work with children in Wales and into Herefordshire.”

Other notable donations made by Harrison Clark Rickerbys' charitable trust, which was set up in 2007, include more than £20,000 to the Royal British Legion, the Three Choirs Festival and Help for Heroes.