RIDERS working for food delivery service Deliveroo are striking this evening (Friday) due to changes to the way they are paid.

Several riders logged out of the food delivery app shortly after 5pm in protest over what they feel is a pay cut.

One delivery worker Ace, who didn't want his surname published, said Deliveroo has recruited too many staff.

"Deliveroo has purposely over-hired in Hereford and recently cut the fees they offer for orders," he said.

"Deliveroo riders are not paid on an hourly basis but per order completed.

"This over-hiring along with the fee cut has meant that riders have taken a two-edge pay cut, without being informed or asked. We have noticed that we are getting paid roughly 20% less than we were before and are striking because of it."

He said the workers, who deliver food from restaurants to customers in Hereford using their car, scooter or bicycle will continue to strike on Friday evenings between 5pm and 7pm until the company return the fees to a reasonable rate.

Around 15 riders met outside Beefy Boys in the Old Market, with the restaurant offering drinks in support of their concerns.

Ace added some drivers are currently getting paid less than minimum wage, something which the company disputes.

A spokesperson said: “Deliveroo is proud to offer flexible work to more than 30,000 self-employed riders across the UK.

“Riders who choose to work with Deliveroo tell us that they want the freedom to decide when, where and how often they work with us, balanced with security.  Flexibility is what riders value most about riding for Deliveroo.

“Our riders have a strong voice within the company and our flexible, dynamic model is based on their direct feedback.”

The spokesperson said the firm has made fees dynamic so riders are paid more for longer distance deliveries and average pay has increased as a result with riders, on average, earning "well above the minimum wage".

They added Deliveroo takes any concerns and complaints "extremely seriously" and have a dedicated engagement team in place to support riders.