AWARD winning journalist is coming to Hereford.

Phil Cox will be visiting on January 27 at HR4K in Rotherwas.

Retelling his story of being hunted, captured, tortured and held by Sudanese government forces.

It is an incredible story and he shows a film with actual footage too.

Ticket sale proceeds will go to Team FRANK. A group set up for for Frank, a local Hereford boy who at 12 years old has been diagnosed with osteosarcoma.

Any money raised will go directly to his family who want to be at his bedside. But with the financial strain adding to the pressure, they now need help with travel, accommodation and expenses costs.

Being self employed means there is no compassionate leave, sick pay or help.

Tickets are £15 each which includes a chilli and a beer, wine or soft drink.

the link to book is: