A HEREFORD club is looking for 501 people willing to pledge £1 each week with the aim of donating more than £26,000 a year to good causes. 

The 501 Reasons currently has about 70 members but is aiming for its 501 target.

Antony Williams, spokesperson for the group, said: "My friend Emma Cleal recently had the awful news that her young son had been diagnosed with the rare cancer, osteosarcoma.

"With both her and her husband being self employed, this terrible diagnosis meant that as well as the obvious emotional turmoil the family would be going through, they would be affected financially as well.

"A friend of hers, Jo Smith, set out immediately to start up various fundraising initiatives, and with great generosity from family, friends and complete strangers enough money has been raised to allow them to spend time with their son during his treatment and not have to worry about how the bills are going to be paid.

"One such act of kindness resulted from a phone call offering her £500. She gratefully accepted and asked who to thank.

"The money had come from a fundraising group set up by actor Joe Sims, who was in Broadchurch.

"Basically, he got 500 people to pledge to set up a standing order of £1 a week, thereby meaning that every week they could hand out £500 to a deserving cause.

"Despite her current situation Emma, thought this was such a fantastic idea that she felt compelled to set a similar group up, specifically to help the people in Herefordshire and the surrounding counties.

"So she asked Jo and myself to help set it up with her, which we were very happy to do."

For anyone wishing to join the members the facebook group link is www.facebook.com/groups/944084652639876

The website address is: www.501-reasons-1.ueniweb.com

Email: reasons501@gmail.com