Carl Martin Phillips, 39, of Chestnut Drive, Hereford, appeared before magistrates in Hereford for sentencing after he was found guilty of assault in December.

Prosecutor Lesley Ashton said police had been called after Phillips had made an unannounced visit to his sister's house on May 30.

"She was not very happy about him turning up at her house," Ms Ashton said.

"She was worried about what he might have had in a bag with him, and she believed he was drunk."

The court heard Phillips told his sister he had nowhere to go, before becoming angry.

"He grabbed her by the wrists and put his forehead against hers as if he was about to head butt her, which she was very concerned he was going to do."

A witness called police, and Phillips was arrested.

Ms Ashton said Phillips' sister had complained of painful wrists following the attack, which she had found very upsetting.

"But she is most concerned that he gets the help he needs," she said.

Marilena Di Vitantonio, for Phillips, said both he and his sister had issues and that they tried to look out for each other, but hadn't dealt with things in the proper way.

"He took issue with her new partner, who he does not approve of, and she took issue over him and his wellbeing," Miss Di Vitantonio said.

"He does not recall the incident in great detail, and does not believe he acted that way. He felt it was self-defence, but clearly the court did not feel it was."

The court heard Phillips has since been given a date to start an alcohol treatment program.

Phillips was handed a six month community order, fined £120, and must complete 10 rehabilitation activity days. He was also ordered to pay costs of £200 and a £90 victim surcharge.