MANY letters are published seeking to warn us we are contributing towards the extinction of the planet.

Eat vegetables and use electric vehicles, they say, or we are doomed because livestock and vehicles emit high levels of carbon dioxide.

The language of panic has increased from global warming to climate change and now climate emergency.

They say we only have a few years to save the planet.

The bad news is these measures will not save the human race.

For the human race to survive it has to slow down the huge population increases to a level the planet can withstand.

The air exhaled by humans is 4 per cent to 5 per cent by volume of carbon dioxide – about 100 times more than the inhaled amount.

Add to this the levels of carbon dioxide from increased manufacturing and farming required to support an increasing population.

If we do not manage our population growth the planet will do it for us.

The planet will survive – it can adapt.

Has it been forgotten how old the planet is and the extremes it has already survived?

Uncontrolled increasing population levels are likely to increase the risk of famine and war. Maybe this will ultimately be nature’s way of saving the planet.

Garry Cullen