THE only public toilets left in a county town have been closed temporarily as vandals struck.

Bromyard and Winslow Town Council was forced to close the loos in the Tenbury Road car park after the electronic components that control the door locks were damaged.

As a result, there is currently no public conveniences open in the town.

Mayor Roger Page said: “We’ve got no witnesses but I can guess; the usual gang of youngsters with nothing better to do.

“They ripped out all the electrics, and because all that’s destroyed you can’t use them, you can’t lock the door or anything.

“I’ll recommend to the town council, with permission of the Conquest Theatre, to put a camera up on the theatre to cover those toilets.”

The town council spent £25,000 renovating the toilets when it took them over from Herefordshire Council.

Bromyard did previously have a second set of toilets in Church Street, but they are privately owned and were previously leased by the local authority.

“I will be advising the town council to put an agenda item on to write to the owners,” he added.

“We’ve got no council land at all at that end of town until you get to the cemetery and Broadbridge, and that’s too far to walk from town.

“We would be willing if we’d got land, and there’s no one with any land that we can buy.”

“We’d love to have public toilets open again at the other end of town.