I SENT this to CSPM parking: Thank you for NOT taking into account the difficult circumstances I faced that day when I was unable to return to my car by the allotted time as I was dealing with a very distressed teenager at work and could not leave the office.

I realise that rules made up by car park management cannot be broken and that people who enforce these rules have no ability, intelligence or self-agency that allows them to interpret difficult circumstances faced by a car owner whatever they may be.

It is also understandable, if unfortunate, that Hereford does not provide enough parking spaces for people who work in the town centre once Christmas shopping begins and car parks are suddenly full by 8.45am.

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Next year I will try and remember to walk the six miles into work during the Christmas period, or, if I do encounter any distressed people who require my help, I shall have to either ignore them or pass on my parking fine to them to pay.

I suppose that we should all understand that local authority rules are inflexible and cannot be challenged, whatever the circumstances.

Stephen Harley-Sloman


Comment from Herefordshire Council: The letter is about Corporate Services Parking Management, but closes by saying ‘local authorities are inflexible’. Corporate Service are a private company and nothing whatsoever to do with the council.