THERE might not have been many great surprises in Thursday's general election for the two Herefordshire constituencies, but we've compiled a list of five things were learned.

1) Increased majorities for the Conservatives in Herefordshire

Both Bill Wiggin and Jesse Norman increased their majorities as the Conservative Party achieved a thumping victory across England.

Mr Norman polled 30,390, well ahead of Labour's Anna Coda on 10,704, in the Hereford and South Herefordshire constituency.

His majority increased from 15,013 in the last general election in 2017 to 19,686.

Meanwhile, Mr Wiggin received 32,158 votes with Liberal Democrat Phillip Howells in second place with 7,302, in the North Herefordshire seat.

His majority was 24,856 compared with 21,602 two years ago.

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2) Bill Wiggin is adamant to get Brexit done

Speaking before the election, Mr Wiggin said he felt delivering Brexit would help heal divisions the country.

He was re-elected as the Conservative MP for North Herefordshire and after the result was announced, he said: "Democracy is a wonderful thing.

"We had a referendum in 2016, Boris Johnson told us he could change that deal Theresa May came up with and now we are going back to Westminster to get Brexit done."

3) Lib Dems must accept the UK's decision to leave the European Union

North Herefordshire Liberal Democrats candidate Phillip Howells said during the count at Hereford Leisure Centre overnight on Thursday that it looked set to be disappointing night for his party.

"It's clear that the message get Brexit resonates with people, but very disappointing for those of us who feel that is, on all the evidence, damaging for the country," he said.

"People have believed the story, they want to believe it, they voted for it and we have to accept that's the case."

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4) Jesse Norman "honoured" to be Hereford's MP again

Conservative Jesse Norman will continue to represent the Hereford and South Herefordshire constituency after receiving 30,390 votes.

He said: "I am honoured beyond measure to be elected by such a margin and I thank everyone, my voters and voters for all parties for the care they took to turn out on a rotten, cold, wet miserable day in winter to do a very important civic public duty."

5) Turnout was around average for a general election

While turnout was expected to between 70% and 80%, the actual figures were 73% for North Herefordshire and 69.2% for Hereford and South Herefordshire.

This compares with 74.1% turnout in 2017 as Bill Wiggin was elected in his constituency, and 71% in the city and south of the county as Mr Norman retained his seat in the last election.