A MAIN road was closed at a busy level crossing in north Herefordshire this morning (Friday) as salt and grit caused a system failure.

The A44 Mill Street in Leominster was closed from around 5am because the barriers at the level crossing were stuck in the down position.

A Network Rail spokesperson said: “At 5am today we received reports of a track circuit failure - a system which monitors train movements - at Leominster level crossing, resulting in the automatic half-barrier being down.

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"Trains had to slow down and call ahead to the signaller to ensure it was safe for the train to proceed.

“We believe the track circuit failure was caused by salt and grit getting into the system where the road crosses the railway track.

"Our teams visited site and jet-washed the rails, which allowed trains to continue using it normally throughout the day.

“We apologise for any inconvenience caused.”

The road reopened shortly before 8am.