A DESPICABLE thief who masquerades as someone working for good causes has struck again.

This time the woman returned to Ledbury, from where she had previously stolen money.

Posing as a charity worker, she stole £60 from an elderly couple in St Katherine's car park on Tuesday morning (December 3).

Police searched the area, but could not find her.

The same woman was hoodwinking people in Ross-on-Wye on Monday (December 2).

Posing as a charity worker collecting for the deaf, she stole £100 from an 86-year-old.

The incidents are just the lastest reported to police.

On November 1 a man was in West Croft, Leominster, when he was approached by a woman who claimed she was seeking sponsorship.

The victim stopped to speak to the woman, and then later noticed his wallet was missing.

A second man was approached in Leominster High Street around the same time by a woman seeking sponsorship.

He later noticed that cash had been stolen from his wallet.

A similar incident happened in Church Lane, Ledbury, at around midday on October 18.

Police said a woman was approached by a woman claiming to be from a charity.

While making a small donation to the collector, she was asked to show ID. She later found money had been stolen from her purse.

Another woman reported that she was approached by a woman asking for charity donations on October 24 in Ledbury High Street.

But she became suspicious and decided not to hand any money over.

Anyone who may have information on these distraction thefts should call West Mercia Police on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.