STUDENTS marched in Hereford today to highlight the environmental cost of Christmas.

They were calling on shoppers to consider the cost of human activity in the face of impending climate collapse.

The students said they are continuing their strikes after global emissions reached record levels in 2019 and show no signs of decreasing, despite international treaties such as the Paris Agreement.

The students gathered at Hereford’s colleges in Folly Lane at 10.15am and marched into the centre of Hereford, bearing the slogan 'Let’s have a Green Friday, not Black Friday [in reference to today's internet-inspired sales day]'.

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Organiser Leo Lewis-Farley said: "It’s shocking that people are carrying on as if nothing is wrong. But the science is clear, and without immediate and drastic change, our planet will no longer be habitable for humans. This will happen within my lifetime.

"We must stop business as usual and demand our government act now to stop climate collapse. The best Christmas gift you can give us is a future!"

The global climate strike has been organised on Black Friday, which has become a day for bargain-hunting consumers to purchase cheap Christmas gifts.

Hereford Sixth Form students will return to college after the strike to participate in election hustings with Herefordshire's candidates for the upcoming general election.