DRIVERS were facing delays in and around Hereford this afternoon as the Friday rush-hour kicked in.

Traffic was particularly heavy on Eign Street, Edgar Street and across Greyfriars Bridge.

There were some roadworks across the city adding to the problems, including Ross Road and Roman Road.

A broken down lorry on the A49 on Tuesday night, and a stopped car in a similar place on Wednesday morning, have also caused problems on the roads this week.

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The closure of Holme Lacy Road lasted longer than planned.

Herefordshire Council/Balfour Beatty Living Places re-opened the road around 4.30pm, an hour later than planned. One driver who was stuck in the queues said it is "madness".


Hereford Times:

Holme Lacy Road was closed due to roadworks until late this afternoon. Photo: Mike Evans

Hereford Times:

Traffic tailbacks on Mordiford Bridge. Michael Johnson, who contributed this photo, said the strip of lights made it look more like an airport than a bridge