ONE in four adults in Herefordshire are drinking more than the 14 units a week, research from Public Health England shows.

The recommended limit aims to minimise health risks from alcohol, with 14 units around seven pints of lager or seven glasses of wine.

Excessive drinking can lead to liver disease, mental health problems, cancer and financial difficulties.

A survey in 2011 suggested the age group most likely to drink at least every week is 45 to 64-year-olds.

The latest estimate suggests there are 1,400 adults in Herefordshire who are dependent on alcohol, but are not in treatment.

Herefordshire Council is supporting Alcohol Awareness Week and are signposting people to the charity Addaction for support.

Karen Wright, director of public health for Herefordshire, said: “Alcohol can creep up on people and become a problem for many reasons.

“It could be due to social circumstances, traumatic past events or low mental wellbeing.

“If you think that you and or someone you know needs help with

alcohol addiction, you can find local support through the charity, Addaction.”

For more information visit or call 01432 802487.