A band described as one of the finest and most entertaining British-based exponents of global music will give a special rural concert .

She’Koyokh is a virtuosic, versatile and prize-winning band playing klezmer and music from the Balkans and Turkey. Their music brings together the stunning polyphonic melodies and intricate rhythms of Bulgaria, treasured tunes from Serbian villages and exhilarating Gypsy dances from Romania, as well as soulful Sephardic songs and klezmer music from Jewish Eastern Europe. Added to the mix is a song from south-west Turkey about wild goats and unmarried women, a love song for a Gypsy girl with penetrating green eyes and a Yiddish swing number from 1950s New York.

She'Koyokh is a Yiddish word meaning "nice one!". Recognised as leaders of their genre, the band have enjoyed TV appearances and live sessions on BBC Radio 3's In Tune and World on 3, and performed at festivals such as Glastonbury, Cheltenham and WOMAD.

The She’Koyokh Quartet are currently touring their fourth album, First Dance on Second Avenue, and can be see at Cawley Hall in Eye on Thursday, November 7 at 7.30pm. To book, call 01568 615836 or visit artsalive.co.uk