A TEENAGER with a life-limiting condition will have a "safe haven" when a charity builds a new a cabin at his home.

Kyle Sisson, from Hereford, was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis when he was just three days old and in the past 12 months the longest he has been out of hospital is five weeks.

Since the diagnosis, Kyle, 15, has been on medication and in and out of hospital for most of his life, preventing him from leading a normal life.

Kyle's condition means he has no immune system so is vulnerable to chest infections which in turn have affected his lung function, as well as suffering from CF-related diabetes and his pancreas doesn't function.

Volunteers from Band of Builders, a charity that helps tradespeople in their hour of need, will descend on Kyle's home in Hereford to build the cabin.

Around 22 members of the charity will spend a week on the DIY SOS-style project, arriving on Saturday, October 26.

The project will provide much-needed relief for Kyle and his family, whose father is a steel erector, as they have all suffered from the strain of the past 15 years.

Kyle's mum Debbie has suffered two strokes through the stress and worries of family life while his dad also has severe arthritis and is now on light duties as a steel erector.

Debbie said: "We've tried to get him out with his mates, he'd go up to the ball court because he can play basketball for about a minute before he gets out of breath then he feels embarrassed.

"He's fainted twice in front of his friends, the last time was with a group of girls - we had a phone call to go and pick him up because his lips were turning blue, he just looked at me and said, 'Mum, get me out of here'.

"We got him to the car and he burst out crying. He hasn't been out since.

"This is what this project is about, it's about bringing his friends to him."

The charity said its work will include creating a cabin for Kyle which will be his safe haven to enjoy with friends and family, including making it fully-functioning and decorating it to provide an oasis of calm that Kyle needs.