AFTER mud closed a Herefordshire road over the weekend Herefordshire Council have said poor maintenance can be a cause.

Contractor Balfour Beatty Living Places wouldn't comment specifically on the weekend closure of the A4110 around Wigmore, but said many "mud events" are caused by poor ditch and drainage maintenance.

Our report warning that there was mud on the road sparked a rumbustious debate in the comments section and on our Facebook page.

Drivers have been warned to be careful during harvest season.

"Please be vigilant for mud and mud on road signs during harvest season and drive safely," a highways spokesperson said.

"If you are concerned by quantities of mud on any road in the county please report it on 01432 261800."

While the verge and drainage channel from the road are maintained by the highways authority, ditches are usually the responsibility of the landowners.

The authority has powers to clean and restore ditches, but this does not relieve owners of land adjoining the ditches of their duties.

Advice for landowners responsible for maintenance is available here.

We are seeking further response from farming leaders.

Photo: Herefordshire Council/Balfour Beatty Living Places