ON Friday, October 11 Lucton Prep School and Year 6 held its annual Harvest Festival and Auction.

This year the charities were the NSPCC and Hereford Heartstart.

As ever the service started with the Nursery children parading through to the sound of We Plough the Fields being sung.

From there each year group in turn performed a song or poem to the assembled parents.

The Reverend Kelvin Price (Rector of Ludlow) took the sermon and this year it was on diversity not only in seeds but also amongst children.

When the different performances had finished, Act II took place.

The school holds a bake off and also asks for produce and other donations.

Graham Baker of Sunderlands (an old Luctonian) presided over the events and the bidding went hard and fast.

In the end the school raised over £1200 for charity.