IRONICALLY, the Hereford Quaker meeting talk on October 1 by Paul Allen from the Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT) on Zero Carbon Britain: a climate emergency action plan, was nearly cancelled due to heavy flooding in mid-Wales.

Despite the flooding, Paul speaker made a valiant effort to get to Hereford and gave an uplifting and insightful talk about climate change challenges and how these issues can be addressed today.

Paul, project leader for Zero Carbon Britain, talked about the project, an initiative from CAT, which demonstrates that the technology exists today to reach net-zero-carbon.

Drawing on detailed analysis of energy usage patterns he showed how we can rapidly reduce UK greenhouse gas emissions to net zero whilst maintaining a modern standard of living, and meeting our energy demand at all times with 100% renewable UK energy sources.

However, to reach that goal we must overcome a mix of political, cultural and psychological barriers.

Changing how millions of people live is a huge shift but can be achieved with a positive connected approach which explores all aspects of climate solutions, from renewable energy and energy efficiency to diets and land-use.

He called on us all to support the change, to share ideas and best practices and, most importantly, to help people to understand and imagine what a zero carbon Britain would look like.