THE meeting of the Vaga Probus Club on October 8 included a talk entitled Royal Connections: a brief history of Gloucester Cathedral given by Richard Cann, who was a former guide there, and now retired.

He included an introduction outlining the strategic importance of Gloucester from Roman times as a royal venue, the rugby ground being called Kingsholm as there are the remains of a royal palace under that area of the city known in medieval times the King's Home.

The foundation of the present building was laid in 1089 and the whole project took some 400 years to complete resulting in what we see today. During this time there were two royal burials, Robert of Normandy and Edward II, the coronation of Henry III and Richard II holding Parliament in the city.

Comment was made of the profound effect the dissolution of the monasteries had on the city, the important documents held in the cathedral library, which included a copy of the Coverdale Bible, the grant of arms to the new Dean and Chapter in 1542, as well as edition one, issue one of the King James Bible.

The cathedral's stained glass was also briefly explained with some illustrations included.

Members enjoyed the personal anecdotes given by the speaker from his experience over many years of guiding, the whole talk generating a considerable number of questions from the members.

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