A TEACHING assistant from Bromyard has been told he has incurable cancer, but his fiancée said she will do everything in her power to help her soulmate.

Jez Roberts, 25, who works at Whitecross High School in Hereford, had been told he was cancer free after being diagnosed with a rare type of soft tissue cancer.

But three years after being given the all clear, during a routine scan in September, a shadow was detected on his lung and further tests showed the cancer, synovial sarcoma, had spread to his lung, spine, sternum and shoulder.

Jez's fiancée Jessi Harris said they have been told by oncologists in Bristol, where he was originally treated, that the cancer is incurable.

"Any treatment they administer will just be to control and maintain the cancer as it's likely to carry on spreading," she said.

"They don't want to start any treatment until the lesions are at least four to five centimetres in size, so until then they want to continue with the three-month check ups to monitor them.

"We can't just sit and wait for them to get bigger and spread, we can't just do nothing.

"How are we supposed to carry on with life knowing what we know? We want to take action."

The pair, who live in Edwyn Ralph, have set up a crowdfunding page for people to donate.

"It's so difficult for us to ask for help like this, but we are desperate," Miss Harris added.

"Jez is my soulmate, he's my entire world. He is the kindest, warmest, most gentle person who does not deserve this at all.

"I won't stop until I've done everything in my power to stop this evil cancer. I won't stop until I know I have tried everything and anything to help."

The couple have been looking into different treatments and have found a private oncology DNA test through a company called Oncologica, which could lead to treatment or therapy.

Alternative oils are another option, and studies have shown they can shrink and reduce tumours, but cost £1,500 a month.

To donate visit gofundme.com/f/help-jez-fight-cancer