ON October 19, the Battle of Trafalgar will once again be demonstrated at Grange Court.

The event will run all day from 10am to 4pm, using fleets of battle-ready model ships and a slide-show of background information.

When organisers first ran this event at Grange Court last year it was received with such enthusiasm that they shall also be doing it this autumn in Monmouth and Ludlow, by request of local organisers. It was described as 'brilliant', 'very educational' and 'highly entertaining'.

Nelson, in the person of former Royal Marine and actor Cllr Sebastian Bowen, will be there to describe the action and answer questions on any related subject.

Discover the stories of the individual vessels and their captains, why lemons and the matchlock firing mechanism were crucial and what was special about Nelson's hat.

The 76 model ships are only made out of walnut shells, but they create a fine picture of the principle of Nelson's attack against the combined French and Spanish fleet.

Organisers hope people will drop in during the day to see what's going on and pick up the action. Donations are, of course, always welcome.