CONCERNS have been raised that a holiday business may be about to revive a scheme to build log cabins in a forested beauty spot in Herefordshire.

A plan by Forest Holidays to build a complex of 68 holiday homes at High Vinnalls in Mortimer Forest led to a storm of protest.

The scheme was eventually withdrawn, but a campaigner fears there may be a bid to revive it.

Joyce Brand, from Ludlow, is worried the handing out of questionnaires may be more than meets the eye.

“Those local residents who happened to be in the Market Square, Ludlow, will have noted the Forestry Commission’s stall with staff engaged in handing out questionnaires supposedly designed to engage the public in the decisions the Forestry Commission has on its agenda,” said Mrs Brand.

“You would not need to be particularly politically savvy to recognise the manoeuvre. The NHS has got this down to a fine art. Witness the endless Future Fit ‘consultations’ with positive supporting results published on the basis of less than 10 per cent response.

“Ludlow and south Shropshire fought hard to protect against the first assault on Mortimer Forest, proposed by the Forest Holidays/Forestry Commission, but campaigners were cognisant of the fact that the application to build a mini holiday resort in the forest was only the first salvo.

“I suggest we are seeing the second offensive, against which we need to be on our guard and ready to take action.”

The scheme was first mooted in early 2018 and a group was launched to protestagainst a proposal to build holiday cabins in Mortimer Forest.

The plan included hot tubs, on-site shop, take-away food facilities, restaurant, bar and cycle hire facility near the peaceful beauty spot of High Vinnalls and close to the border with Shropshire on Forestry Commission land.