A FIESTA of Spain’s traditional street and stage music from the 18th and 19th centuries will be performed at a Concerts for Craswall recital this month.

It’s a new genre of music for the charity, although the musicians, who form the Box & Fir early-instrument ensemble, are old friends of founder Sue Norrington.

They’ll be performing a programme, The Maiden & The Thief, together with internationally renowned tenor, Rogers Covey-Crump, at St Mary’s Church, Craswall, on Saturday, October 12 from 5pm, with a ticketed open rehearsal at the church from 11am to 2pm.

Covey-Crump is more usually known to local audiences for his performances in the Bach Passions in Hereford and Brecon cathedrals.

He’ll be singing of love, loss, joy and despair in songs accompanied by Michael Sanderson, a baritone singer and violin player, Jenny Thomas, who’ll be playing a one-keyed flute and recorder, Ian Gammie, playing a bass viol and early guitar and Katharine May on a harpsichord.

Jenny Thomas, who organised the programme, said: “Here in Britain, traditional music is often the preserve of specialist groups and musicologists. But Spain is different, with a living tradition of folk music, and it is still possible to see town squares full of local people, old and young, dancing to ancient folk melodies.”

Spain is a country of semi-submerged nationalities and it is the heritage of Cataluna, particularly rich in folk music, that provides the bulk of the programme.

The songs have been sung for centuries and are still widely known today.

Concerts for Craswall trustee and members’ secretary, Julie Holmes, said: “For Concerts for Craswall Box & Fir is a completely fresh ensemble and the genre of music is something new. It is quite a different programme and we are hopeful it will appeal to a wide audience.”

For tickets to both events visit the Concerts for Craswall website concertsforcraswall.org/concerts or call the box office on 01981 510112