THE 112th Weobley Ploughing Match and Sheep Dog Trials were recently held at Stocken Farm, Lucton by kind permission of Harold and Carol Holder.

Organisers would like to extend their thanks to everyone who entered and supported the event.

The results are as follows;

Weobley Ploughing Match Results 2019

Class 2: Tractors (open) any type of plough: The Roy and Madeleine Anthony Perpetual Challenge Trophy - 1st David Pritchard.

Class 3: Vintage tractor and trailing plough: The Vintage Perpetual Challenge Trophy - 1st Simon Taylor, 2nd Edwin Jones, 3rd Barry Evans, 4th Darrell Evans.

Class 4: Vintage mounted plough: The HP Bulmer Perpetual Challenge Cup - 1st Ted Richards, equal 2nd Garry Whitehouse and Norman Prosser, 3rd Adrian Huffer.

Class 5: Vintage mounted and trailing plough novice: WH Verdin Esq Trophy - 1st Brian Monteith, 2nd Don Chamberlain, 3rd John Rodwell, 4th John Reece.

Class 6: Vintage Ferguson class (open): British National Ploughing Championships Trophy - 1st Christopher Huck, 2nd Trevor Patterson, 3rd David Adams.

Class 7: Classic class 1964 to 1972 (open): Weobley Ploughing Society Perpetual Challenge Cup - 1st Alan Taylor , 2nd Bill Wood, 3rd Alan Davies.

Class 8: Horticultural - 1st Norman Allen, 2nd Andrew Pomeroy, 3rd George Allen.

Class 9: Reversible (open): The Bertram Bulmer Perpetual Challenge Trophy - 1st Dominic Rogers, 2nd Owen Williams, 3rd James Speakman.

Class 10: Classic reversible - 1st Martin Williams, 2nd I Whittall.

Best Maintained vintage tractor and plough: The Ray Rees Perpetual Challenge Trophy - 1st David Adams, 2nd Bill Wood, 3rd Roger Harris.

For the best work in ploughing class overall: Les Goodwin Cup - David Pritchard.

Sheep Dog Trials

Organisers had an impressive amount of entries; 32 in the Open Class and 26 in the Novice Class.

Class 1 - Open - 1st Lee Bowden, 2nd Floyd Farthing, 3rd Brenda Howson, 4th Mervyn Lewis, 5th Brian McConnell, 6th Austin Bennett.

Class 2 - Novice - 1st Brenda Howson, 2nd Brian McConnell, 3rd Brenda Howson.