THE Eskleyside Agricultural Society, who were established in 1897, are delighted to announce that their 119th Annual Ploughing Match & Show will be held at New Barns Farm, Vowchurch by kind invitation of the Lloyd family and Blackmoor Farm, Vowchurch by kind invitation of Blackmoor Farms.

The event will take place on Sunday, September 22 with ploughing from 10am.

Refreshments will be available all day and admission is free.

The Sheepdog Trials will be held just down the road at Stall House Farm, Vowchurch.

The society have been busy with the Farm Crop judging. The results are as follows;

Oil Seed Rape

1. E &A Lloyd & Son, Vowchurch.

2. EA Davies & Son, Clifford.

3. KJ Goodwin, Dorstone.

Winter Barley

1. EA Davies & Son, Clifford.

2. PP Morgan & Son, Dorstone.

3. DA & MV Price & Son, Bredwardine.

Winter Wheat

1. Blackmoor Farms, Kerry's Gate.

2. IR Prior, Vowchurch.

3. M&J Morgan & Son, Dorstone.

Winter Oats

1. E&A LIoyd & Son, Vowchurch.

2. PP Morgan & Son, Dorstone.

3. Blackmoor Farms, Kerry's Gate.

Spring Barley

1. ET Morgan, Dorstone.

2. MT Price & Son, Turnastone.

3. TR & GM Layton, Vowchurch.


1. Wilmaston Farms, Peterchurch.

2. Blackmoor Farms, Kerry's Gate.

3. M &J Morgan & Son, Dorstone.


1. Nantyglasdwr Farms, Hay-on-Wye.

The society is also busy preparing for the Autumn Crop Judging of root crops, maize, grass leys and potatoes.