A HEREFORD city centre independent shoe shop is closing.

The doors will shut for the last time at Shoe Box in Bewell Street on Saturday, September 28.

Simon Hussey, managing director of shop owner Club Sport, said the branch – which is now running a closing down sale – had failed to sell enough shoes to be profitable.

He added: "We had all the brands that our customers requested, but even then we failed to sell the required amount to make the store profitable.

"Maybe we should of seen the writing on the wall with Treds going into administration and closing down many of their stores, but we felt we had something different to offer.

"Clearly, that point of difference wasn’t enough to get us over the line. So as directors we had some tough decisions to make. Shutting Shoe Box, even though it hurts us all, is the correct one to make for our company."

Shoe Box opened in April 2018.

Mr Hussey said the firm would continue to sell Start-Rite shoes through its Intersport Clubsport-branded shop, which is also in Bewell Street.

Mr Hussey said: "I would like to thank everyone involved in the Shoe Box, the staff who gave their all to make it work and, most importantly, our customers, who have been very supportive and loyal to us."