SUSTAINABILITY has been the topic for children at one Herefordshire primary school.

Herefordshire family business Certainly Wood, which produces sustainably-sourced firewood, gave children from Madley Forest School a real-world lesson on sustainability.

More than thirty Year 4 pupils got a taste of the board room, where they learned how Certainly Wood uses solar panels, wood-fired kilns and recycled plastic to reduce its carbon footprint.

They were also given a basic economics lesson on how sustainable approaches can be profitable.

The highlight of the visit was giving the children the chance to officially name Certainly Wood's new £400K firewood processing line.

The line is one of the largest of its kind in the world, and uses woodland thinnings of every size to make firewood, so providing a sustainable and renewable heat source for British homes.

The children were challenged to suggest a name for the giant wood processing machine.

The winning name, 'Processo', was thought up by Yasmin Dunnico, and has been painted on the machine and toasted with a glass of bubbly (lemonade).

Certainly Wood's Nic Snell said: "We have been working with Madley Primary School for many years and we saw this as a great opportunity to provide one of the year groups with a chance to see firewood production first hand.

"We had a great afternoon and I was impressed by the enthusiasm and interest that the children showed.

"They loved seeing this massive machine in operation. It was such a great opportunity to talk to them about sustainability and the benefits that wood fuel can bring. As always, 9-year-olds get you thinking!"