THREE dead on consecutive days on Herefordshire’s roads.

A dark week by any standard, and our thoughts are with the loved ones of the victims.

But these three crashes happened in benign weather. The dangerous darkness, wet and ice of winter is yet to come, which makes it difficult to contain fears that the death toll might rise.

Increasingly, questions are being asked about safety on the county’s roads, many of which are narrow and winding with poor sightlines, yet they remain essential routes for lorries and agricultural vehicles.

One county councillor is calling for the speed limit to be cut after the accident on the A44 ‘Bringsty bends’.

Nigel Shaw says he wants an urgent inspection and review of safety improvements along that stretch of the road.

Although there is no suggestion that speed was a factor in any of the recent accidents, it can never be stressed enough that drivers should obey the limits that are in place.

Just last week the Midlands Air Ambulance highlighted research suggesting that a third of all crashes are caused by excessive or inappropriate speed.

Last year the charity attended 672 crashes on the region’s roads, which amounted to £1.68million in mission costs (at £2,500 a mission).

One way for drivers to curb the horrible toll of death and injury on our roads may be the simplest of all – just slow down!