SOME of the volunteer bakers who supply home-made cakes to The Hub Café at St Peter's in Peterchurch were recently set a challenge: to adapt a number of their recipes to suit those who are dairy-free.

The bakers set about the task with their customary enthusiasm and The Hub Café now offers a broad range of dairy-free cakes. Stem ginger, Victoria sponge, apricot, and Italian apple with maple frosting appear regularly on the counter.

One of the bakers commented, 'Once I found a suitable fat substitute which had a similar consistency to butter, it was really straightforward. I just follow the recipe as normal and, to be honest, I think people would be hard-pressed to taste the difference!'

Locals and visitors from further afield are welcome at The Hub Café from 11am – 2pm (Tuesdays – Fridays) to enjoy some home-made, dairy-free delights!