A COUNTY councillor is calling for a speed limit reduction after a fatal accident on the A44 near Bromyard.

A lorry driver died after crashing into trees on the Bromyard road in Whitbourne on Monday.

And Bromyard Bringsty councillor Nigel Shaw says he wants an urgent inspection and a review of safety improvements along the road.

He has asked Herefordshire Council to examine the road’s safety.

“The crash which closed the A44 at Bringsty was sadly another fatality on the roads of our county,” he said.

“This time of a lorry driver, another victim of the infamous ‘Bringsty Bends’, on the A44 coming up hill from the Wheatsheaf Inn onto Bringsty Common.

“There have been 36 recorded accidents on the two bends up to the county boundary just past the pub, and this is the second recorded fatality.

“The road is at the national speed limit as the speed delimiter from the 50mph limit occurs only at the beginning of the common.

“There must surely be a case for the whole road to the county boundary at the bottom of this hill being within a speed limit?”

Bringsty Common residents had called for a clampdown on cars and motorcycles that speed through the area in 2017.

They said at the time that speed limits through the middle of the common should be cut to 30 mph to avoid a tragedy.