A RESIDENT saw a car hitting ‘several’ parked vehicles in a Hereford street last night before driving away from the scene.

The incident happened around midnight last night (Friday) in Cotterell Street in Hereford.

“It (the car) came down the road, screeching like the handbrake was still on,” said resident Leon Huckstep.

“Then I heard the sound of several cars being hit or scrapped along.

“My wife and I headed out onto the road to write down the details of the vehicle as it turned towards Whitecross Road and it sounded like someone else's car got clipped.

“I went into the house to phone the police and whilst I was in there the car returned and came back down our street again, causing my other half, who was inspecting the damage to one of the vehicles to get out of the way quickly.

“The car then stopped outside the pub (Britannia) for a few moments before then speeding off towards Holmer Street.”

Anybody who has any details should contact police with reference number: 895s160819