TWO young men have appeared in court after an investigation into the death of a teenager led police to a flat in Hereford.

Oliver Robinson, of Whittern Way, Hereford pleaded guilty to possessing cannabis and permitting the use of his premises for smoking a controlled drug and James William Hyett, of Church Road, Hereford, pleaded guilty to possessing cannabis when they appeared before magistrates in Hereford.

Nicola Ritchie, prosecuting, said police were called at 4.15am on July 13 last year by staff at Hereford County Hospital.

They were trying to contact the family of Hereford teenager Stamford Griffin after he was found collapsed in Old School Lane.

There was evidence of MDMA and cannabis in blood samples taken, and his symptoms were consistent with previous drug-related fatalities.

Police visited Robinson's grandmother's flat, where Stamford had spent the previous day with Hyett, Robinson and other friends.

They were arrested after they told officers they had spent the previous evening with Stamford, and one member of the group admitted they had been taking various drugs, including pills and cannabis.

Drug paraphernalia, a small amount of cannabis and scales were found in the flat.

In interview, Hyett and Robinson, who are both 18, admitted cannabis possession and said the cannabis in the flat belonged to both of them.

Mark Thompson, for Hyett and Robinson, said both defendants had been youths at the time, and that the cannabis in their possession was for personal use.

"You will have gathered from the background of this case, that a young man lost his life," Mr Thompson said.

"Stamford Griffin was a very good friend of both. They had known him for a long, long time and they found out some time after he had left that he had passed away.

"There is no suggestion or evidence of anything they did having anything to do with what happened to Stamford later that night. We cannot say why that young boy died, but I can assure the court that his death affected them then and continues to affect them now.

"If ever there was an advert to reduce young peoples' use of drugs, it is what happened to this young boy."

Robinson was given a 12 month conditional discharge. He must pay costs of £100 and a £20 victim surcharge.

Hyett was fined £100. He was ordered to pay costs of £85 and a £30 victim surcharge.