After reading the edition of the Hereford Times on July 25 concerning ‘A waste of public money’, I feel compelled to add another road, which is in a similar situation.

I regularly travel along the Rise Lane (Lyonshall to Shobdon), which desperately needed some major resurfacing.

On my journey one day travelling to the bottom of the road, I witnessed some road work signs.

Good, I thought, my vehicle will have some relief from the poor state of some of the road, potholes etc.

In due course, work started at the end of the road up to the Court of Noke.

Besides avoiding the flying chippings, it was good, although this stretch of the road had a really good surface, no potholes at all.

I thought then they would continue further along the road and do the next few miles, which is appalling.

No, no more was done. Well, what a waste of money to resurface a stretch of road, which did not need it.

So all us drivers who travel this road, are still subjecting our vehicles to extreme wear and tear, which is unacceptable.

Linda Burgoyne