MORRISONS in Hereford was evacuated after heavy rain caused a leak in the store’s roof.

The incident happened after spells of heavy rain this afternoon and early evening.

Shopper Aaron George, of Belmont, Hereford, shot these dramatic videos and was in the shop when it all happened.

He said: "I nearly finished my shopping when I heard the rain poor into the store near the oven-fresh chicken area.

"I went over to record it on my phone, then went back to my trolley.

"We were told to move towards the checkouts.

"We got to the checkouts and we were told to evacuate as the roof was unsafe.

"The first fire exit didn't work (near where the pharmacy used to be) and we were ushered out of the exit by the freezers into the rain.

"The police arrived within minutes. They were only there for two minutes.

"Allegedly someone accidently set off a panic alarm.

"Staff ensured nobody could re-enter as the roof was at risk of caving in.

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"The staff were fantastic in handling this unexpected emergency.

"Our shopping with all our bags was abandoned, but it was a small price to pay for safety."

He said he then had only a very quick stop at Tesco in Belmont because Bewell Street had been hit by flooding too.

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