I (try to) catch the 4.30pm from Worcester to Hereford each day, travelling by train as I am currently recovering from a perforated ulcer and the buses are impossible, given the state of the roads.

Since March, there have been approximately four occasions when the train has actually left on time. It is very often 10-20 minutes late or cancelled completely. We have very old trains and only ever have two carriages. This train comes from Birmingham, is always full and it is often impossible to get a seat. This is exacerbated by the fact that the Malvern train is very often cancelled – 3 or 4 times a week – and those passengers then have to catch the Hereford train.

It is very stressful waiting for a train not knowing when or if it will turn up. The problem seems particularly bad on a Friday for some reason, though the rest of the week is also very poor. It is aggravating in the extreme to see posters saying ‘we are getting new trains’ when nose to nose with another passenger – who is getting these new trains? Certainly not the passengers going to Hereford. An item on Midlands Today showed the difficulties faced by passengers in Rugeley. If a survey was carried out I am certain they are not the only ones having a difficult time trying to get a train home. Those of us who work in Worcester and live in Herefordshire also have a catalogue of despair.

There is a far superior train service in Athens, allegedly a bankrupt city. They run on time, are cheap and clean. Similarly so in Berlin.

We are encouraged to go to work and keep the economy going. All very well and good, but the state of the transport makes it almost impossible at times. The buses are no better and are often cancelled on a whim.

This is not just a problem for elderly people and school children. When will something be done?

Deb Banks