Yet again, Widemarsh Street, claims another “victim” (July 25th Issue).

In September 2017, you kindly featured my wife (Mrs Susan Brambell) having slipped on the infamous kerb.

She sustained a fractured kneecap, the effects of which are still present, with constant pain day and night.

Herefordshire Council remains intransigent to calls of action, trotting out the usual statements of “compliance, consultations with other interested parties etc.”

Clearly, there is no intention to make major improvements, but there seems to be a “Three Monkeys” attitude to the problem.

Why cannot the council simply paint a clear defining line along the kerb edge? There has been such marking in the past, which is still visible in parts.

Until something is done, more accidents will happen, potentially fatal.

We need a campaign/petition for the public to sign up to, asking (I hesitate use demand) the Council to implement a simple, cheap remedy.

The Council are the electorates representatives, and as such, they should be listening to the voice of public opinion, not merely “fobbing-off” the general public with trite responses.

Neil Brambell