HEREFORSHIRE is set for heavy rain and high winds during a weekend that will "feel more like autumn than August", according to the Met Office.

Yellow weather warnings for rain and wind come in to force across large swathes of the UK, including Herefordshire, today (Friday) and Saturday.

Heavy rain on Friday will give way to gale-force winds and "unseasonable" weather as the weekend continues.

Overnight heavy rain in the county will clear northwards early this morning, followed by heavy, thundery showers.

It will be very windy with blustery, thundery showers on Saturday. Less windy with fewer showers by Sunday.

A yellow "be aware" weather warning is in place across all of Wales and Northern Ireland, and most of England and Scotland, as some places could receive more than two inches of rain.

A yellow weather warning for wind across all of Wales and central and southern England follows on Saturday.

Met Office meteorologist Sarah Kent said: "Saturday is going to be a very unseasonal day. It could feel more like autumn than August."