THE second attempt to call a parish poll in Ledbury about a proposed major new estate in Ledbury has been successful,with a date and place fixed.

Parishioners will be able to vote on whether they think a single access for a 625 house estate to the north of Ledbury viaduct is satisfactory or not.

Votes can be cast on August 15, at Ledbury Community Hall, Lawnside Road, between 4pm and 9pm.

There will be no polling cards and only the one polling station will be used.

People in Ledbury agreed, four months ago, to hold the poll after concerns were raised that single access to the planned 625 home estate planned by Bloor, to the north of Ledbury viaduct, could cause traffic chaos on the Bromyard Road.

But Ledbury parishioners had to be asked the question again after a procedural delay meant the original decision ran out of time.

A town council spokesman said: “During the period of public consultation on the proposal, the policy for the site stated: ‘primary vehicular access to the development will be from the Hereford Road under the viaduct with the option of a secondary access from the Bromyard Road to the north’.

“After all public consultation was closed, planners decided to change the access policy to read: ‘vehicular access to the development will be from either the Hereford Road under the viaduct or from the Bromyard Road to the north’.

“Just before the Core Strategy was adopted, the policy wording was changed again to read: ‘provision of satisfactory vehicular access arrangements, the details of which will be determined at planning application stage’.”

This is the wording which was finally adopted as planning policy for the site in October 2015.

The town council spokesman said: “Bloor Homes have applied for outline planning permission which includes a decision on the site access. Their application will be decided in September or October 2019.

“Now is the time when planners will determine whether the access being proposed is ‘satisfactory’.

“This Parish Poll is the first chance since the policy was changed for parishioners to express a view on the access proposals for this site which are now being made by Bloor Homes.”