Next up for Weirdshire at Babar Café is a very special event, an exciting opportunity to catch Burd Ellen, a much talked-about project from Glasgow.

The group uses traditional song to explore and evoke dark landscapes and deep stories. The solo project of Debbie Armour, a collaborator with Alasdair Roberts and Trembling Bells’ Alex Neilson, whose current sold-out debut album, Silver Came, explores women’s narratives in folk song. The album features Burd Ellen as a trio, with Lucy Duncan and Gayle Brogan with a range of instruments including piano, violin, psaltery, assorted electronic debris and some sensual vocal harmonies. It will be this very trio who will be playing at Babar café - squeezed into a tour which includes Denmark, Belgium, and the Sidmouth and Walthamstow Folk Festivals.

Already identified as an artist to watch out for, with features in fRoots, and mentions in the Guardian, Burd Ellen comes to Babar Cafe on Thursday, August 8. As always, there will be vinyl selections from resident Weirdshire DJs, Jus'Jay Yoo Kay and Sproatly Smith. Free entry, with suggested donation of £8.

Burd Ellen at Babar Cafe on Thursday, August 8. For further information, call 01432 342334.