SCARECROWS will once again visit Brampton Bryan this Sunday (August 4) from 11am to 5pm.

This year they will be throughout the village displaying 'Fashion'.

That may be in clothes, tools, reading and writing materials, anything in fact subject to fashion.

In addition to the Scarecrows there will be food! Lunches, teas, hot and cold drinks, burgers or hot dogs.

The first prize for the raffle is £100.

Spread throughout the village there will be games, stalls, nearly new, bric-a-brac, flowers, books etc.

There will be a Flower Festival in the church with music recitals.

Visit the castle. Mr Edward Harley will conduct two tours around the castle at the same time explaining some of the history of the village and the castle.

Bring your dog! This is a family fun day and there is no reason that your pet Pluto cannot join in. There will be a fun dog show in the afternoon. It is great to see the enthusiasm with which the pet dogs display as they jump on hay bales and dive through drain pipes.

The plans also include some children's sports in the afternoon.

Whether the weather be rainy of shine, everyone is invites to go along have a wonderful time.