'WE are such stuff as dreams are made on....' Prospero's classic line from William Shakespeare's The Tempest.

Well dreams of super stardom could certainly come true for the stars of the recent performance of The Tempest at Michaelchurch Court.

In the stunning grounds of this beautiful country house, children from Michaelchurch Escley Primary School put on an incredible show for the hundreds of parents, friends, family and culture loving members of the public who came along.

The rain held off as Year 4, 5 and 6 children cranked their performance dials up to 11!

As one ticket buying member of the public put it in a very complimentary email, 'Without any exaggeration, this evening was absolutely astounding! It would have been so by any measure for a school play, but given the age of the performers and the size of your school it was stunning.'

The school owe a huge debt of gratitude to all the hardworking members of the school community who made this performance such a success.

The biggest thanks though, apart from to the super children, goes out to Janet and John McPherson for opening up their home and giving the children an experience they will never forget.