Police paid a visit to a car that had broken down in a layby near Hereford.

Members of the public called the officers today after seeing 'guns mounted on the vehicle'.

But those responding to the calls had no reason to be alarmed – as the car was fitted with various props having been used years ago in a Mad Max film.

Herefordshire councillor John Harrington saw the police arrive at the lay-by off the A49 near Moreton-on-Lugg.

"I departed when I heard him (the car owner) say the words "good afternoon officer" as a slightly concerned community copper approached him," coun Harrington wrote on Facebook.

"He was shortly joined by traffic and I assume a firearms BMW which passed me as I was going up Dinmore."

The OPU policing team in Hereford also took to social media to explain the unusual call.

Writing on Twitter, they said: "Report of a car on A49 with machine guns mounted on it!?

"Thankfully it was just a breakdown used in a MadMax film."